January 31 – February 1, 2018 Las Vegas
Global Composites
Exploring the Future of the Global Composites Industry

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Participating Companies

  • Scott Bader
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  • University of Leige
  • Plataine
  • Cooper Hays
  • Chemnitz TU
  • e-Xstream engineering
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  • The Graphene Council

Global Composites Conference

Exploring the Future of a Global Composites Industry

Global Composites will explore the industry from a worldwide perspective, looking at high growth areas such as the US, China, Brazil and the Middle East. The conference will examine the global supply chain with particular focus on carbon and glass fiber manufacture and resin production. It will also look at emerging technology trends from around the world and highlight global market information.

Don't miss your chance to be part of the composite industry's global gathering. Network with companies from across the industry and around the world. Be part of our growing industry!

Global Composites is a two day international conference taking place at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, US on January 31 – February 1, 2018.

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Global Composites 2018 will be held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, US, one of the best-known casino resorts in the world, providing a variety of room types, amenities and city views in a city with great global transport links.

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Welcome and Opening Remarks from the ACMA and NetComposites


Market Developments of Composites and Trends: The European GRP Market and the Worldwide CFRP Market

Elmar Witten - AVK

GRP: Glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) form approx. 95% of all composites that are manufactured. This makes them by far the biggest market segment. Europe’s GRP production volume has been rising steadily by over 2% yearly and has reached nearly 1.4 million tonnes in 2017. The most important applications for the use of GRP in Europe are transport and construction, each with about one third of the total volume. In Germany and the eastern European countries under review growth continues to be slightly above average, although slight growth rates can also be observed in all the other countries that have been reviewed. Moreover, compared with most thermosetting materials, growth is still stronger in the thermoplastic materials considered here (i.e. LFT and GMT). This is accompanied by a generally dynamic development of the relatively large thermoplastic sector (including short fibre reinforced thermoplastics). Above-average growth potential in the composites industry can be observed above all for highly industrialised serial processes, though also for niche applications and innovations as well as for solutions in combination with other materials (i.e. hybrid solutions). CFRP: In summary, the year 2016 consisted of a global demand for carbon fibre composites of approx. 126,7k tons, whereby an overall turnover of US $19,31 billion was generated. Compared to the previous year (116,5k tons; US $17,9 billion), a growth of around 8,76% based on the demand volume and around 7,88% based on the turnover can be observed.


Materials Update


Innovations in the Use of Fire, Smoke & Toxic Fume (FST) Compliant High Performance Composites in the Global Building & Construction Market

JP Schroeder - Scott Bader

This presentation will give an overview of the recent changes to FST standards and specifications globally and the changes this has driven in resin and composite technologies to successfully achieve these standards. A range of successful global projects will be presented where Scott Bader’s FST systems have been used, from visually impactful theme parc applications to the very large volume Pajares rail tunnel in Spain, for which Acciona Construccion S.A. was awarded the JEC 2017 Construction Innovation Award.


Break and Exhibits


Recycling and Sustainability


Sustainability is the Key Driver of Innovation Across Your Value Chain

Dana Cooper - Cooper Hayes LLC

The presentation will discuss the growing enthusiasm for sustainability within the business, across the value chain and metric reporting. We will link business values and sustainable work projects, how to challenge your workforce to engage in business innovation training and develop innovation programs that are aligned with business sustainability improvement. The examples will provide global evidence of how sustainability pays for all stakeholders. Sustainability and Innovation are both important and critical issues for organizations. Based on surveys and interviews Sustainable Development (SD) is driving business innovation and will continue to do so for the next decade. We will show techniques and new tools for prioritization and aligning your quality tools to drive innovation across the value chain. Creating a culture which includes change management techniques allows individuals to create change. Continuing education is key for gaining innovative ideas from the viewed constraints with suppliers and customers. Engaging all stakeholders allows for ideation excellence. Sustainable-Driven Innovators in your industry will outperform financially.


Recycling and Sustainability


Closing Remarks


Drinks Reception and Exhibition




Aerospace Panel Session


Manufacturing and Automation


Affordable & Predictable Composites – Yes, it is Possible!

Roger Assaker - e-Xstream engineering/MSC Software

Two of the major objections to a wider use of composites across industries are: 1- The cost of Carbon Fiber, 2-The difficulties of engineering composite structures. This talk will describe how virtual engineering, with a special focus on advanced material modelling, can help making composites more affordable and more predictable. The affordability can be achieved by enabling the engineer to work with the right amount of material and optimal mix of composites (from chopped to continuous fibers) and corresponding (automated) manufacturing process. The predictability can be reached thanks to using multi-scale modelling technology to go down to the constituents for a more accurate assessment of the composite behavior until failure.


Digital Assistant & AI in the Service of Industrial I0T for Advanced Manufacturing Optimization

Avner Ben-Bassatt - Plataine Inc.

End-of-Life recycling has become a high priority for most Global industries. The ability to recover sustainable materials from the EOL applications and use the recoverable embodied energy in those materials to support and sustain the recovery process is critical. The Thermolyzer technology has been selected for the EOL Composite Recycling Project. This technology is designed to process a range of polymerics materials to efficiently recover the embodied energy, destroy toxic additives in those polymers and recover the sustainable glass or carbon fibers for re-use in similar applications. The discussion will review current projects in electronic waste, tires, and plastics plus the status of ACMA and IACMI’s Composite Recycling Project.


Break and Exhibits


Bringing Autonomous Vehicles into Production: An Automotive OEM Perspective

Dan Coughlin - ACMA

Panel Session


Global Update


Lunch and Exhibits


Global Updates


Construction and Infrastructure


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete Shells with Integrated Functions

Sandra Gelbrich - Chemnitz University of Technology

The presentation includes the development and technological implementation of carbon-fiber reinforced concrete (CRC) shells with integrated functions, such as illumination and light control. In that regard the establishment of material, structural and technological foundations along the entire value chain is of central importance: From the light-weight design idea to the technological implementation for the transfer of the research results into practice. The development of the material included the requirement-oriented composition of a high-strength fine grained concrete with an integrated carbon knitted fabrics for reinforcement. The form finding of the carbon fiber concrete shells is based on an optimization of the distribution of stress using the tensile triangles according to Claus Mattheck, and is resulting in a harmonious stress flow in radius transitions. The thin-walled CRC-shells were manufactured with a formwork made of glass-fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP). An advantage of the GFRP-formwork is the freedom of design concerning the shape. Moreover, an excellent concrete quality can be achieved. After the production the new research pavilion, consists of four connected CRC-lightweight-shells, was installed on the campus of Chemnitz University of Technology. The developed thin-walled CRC-shells are distinguished by their high resistance to weathering influences (durability), high surface quality and high load-bearing capacity. With regard to its free formability, this type of construction is particularly suitable for filigree, lightweight buildings. The additional integration of an interactive lighting function allows to further exploit the potential of the new textile-based construction in terms of functionalization.


Break and Exhibits


To Be Confirmed


The Future – Marketing and Branding Composites


Closing Remarks

Conference Speakers

JP Schroeder

Market Development Manager, FST - Scott Bader

Elmar Witten

Managing Director - AVK

Roger Assaker

CEO/Chief Material Strategist - e-Xstream engineering/MSC Software

Dan Coughlin

Vice President, Composites Market Development - ACMA

Sandra Gelbrich

Head of Research - Chemnitz University of Technology

Dana Cooper

President - Cooper Hayes LLC

Avner Ben-Bassatt

President & CEO - Plataine Inc.

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