June 27 – 28, 2018 Las Vegas
Global Composites
Exploring the Future of the Global Composites Industry

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Participating Companies

  • Scott Bader
  • Composites One
  • IACMI, The Composites Institute
  • Jushi Canada
  • Magnum Venus Products
  • Infinana
  • Insight Equity
  • Roechling Glastic Composites
  • Plataine
  • Cooper Hays
  • e-Xstream engineering
  • The Graphene Council

Global Composites Conference & Exhibition

Strategic Insight into the Worldwide Composites Industry

Register for the Global Composites Conference to explore the composites manufacturing industry from a broad, global perspective.

You’ll gain knowledge, best practices, and insights to expand your business in high growth areas such as the US, China and Brazil.

  • Navigate the global supply chain efficiently with particular focus on carbon and glass fiber manufacture and resin production.
  • Leverage emerging technology trends from around the world.
  • Capitalize on real-time global market information as well as trends and forecast from market intelligence.

Who Should Attend?

Industry professionals, leaders and managers from all backgrounds, including suppliers, manufacturers, and engineers are encouraged to make plans to attend this unique, global composites event.

Global Composites is a two day international conference taking place at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, US on June 27 – 28, 2018.

Global Composites Pricing

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  • Two days of great content
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Exhibition space

Exhibiting at Global Composites gives you the opportunity to market your brand with a range of benefits, both at the event and online, and includes one delegate place at the conference.


Global Composites 2018 will be held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, US, one of the best-known casino resorts in the world, providing a variety of room types, amenities and city views in a city with great global transport links.

Sponsorship options

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Session 1: Materials

Understand the latest developments and research transforming composite materials. Gain insights on positioning your company to take advantage of growth opportunities in various markets. Hear from industry experts as they discuss the latest developments and future outlook for composite materials.

Session 2: Opportunities

The global composites industry is innovative and ever-evolving. As emerging technologies make their way to the marketplace, new opportunities and challenges are unveiled. Benefit from insights on the future of the composites industry. Learn how global composites companies are teaming up with local organizations and colleges to attract, train, and retain a skilled workforce. Hear how a composite branding campaign is working to raise awareness of composites with end users, specifiers, and designers, to ultimately increase the use of composite materials over other types of materials.

Session 3: Recycling & Sustainability

With a greater worldwide push to reduce, reuse, recycle, and changing current and future environmental legislations surrounding waste management issues, the composites industry has seen itself come under greater pressure. Due to their inherent nature of heterogeneity, in particular for thermoset-based polymer composites, recycling has been a difficult subject for the industry to overcome. Further to this, with an end-user focus on generation and consumption of energy, composite materials are consistently being seen as the solution for development of energy efficiency as end-users strive to reduce the mass of their vehicles. Learn how government, industry bodies and companies are coming together to conquer the challenges and issues faced.

Session 4: Manufacturing and Automation

At the heart of any manufacturing business is a process. With an end-user push for high-volume manufacturing and reduced cost across the supply chain, focus is on process improvements and developments as well as automation. Learn about the drivers leading this action and what manufacturers across the supply chain are doing to aid the improvements.

Session 5: Automotive

Composites can offer huge advantages to the automotive sector including light-weighting and cost saving. Most importantly, these advanced materials can offer excellent crash performance when compared to other materials. Understand what the industry requirements are first hand, learn about the application drivers, and hear what the composites industry can do to meet the needs of the end-users.

Session 6: Aerospace

Through gradual substitution of metal components, we have seen a rise in the use of composites in aerospace applications. With a need for light-weighting, high-stiffness and strength and a resistance to fatigue, it is clear to see why this change is occurring. Hear the needs of the industry and help the composites industry to realize the solutions it can offer now and in the future.

Session 7: Construction and Infrastructure Sector Focus

The construction and infrastructure sector is one of the largest growing markets for the composites industry. As the demand for green construction and reduced lifecycle costs grows, composites, known for their durability and good strength-to-weight ratio, are becoming the clear solution. Barriers to adoption of composites in infrastructure will be discussed along with the codes that are being developed to counter those barriers.

Conference Speakers

JP Schroeder

Market Development Manager, FST - Scott Bader

Elmar Witten

Managing Director - AVK

Roger Assaker

CEO/Chief Material Strategist - e-Xstream engineering/MSC Software

Dan Coughlin

Vice President, Composites Market Development - ACMA

Sandra Gelbrich

Head of Research - Chemnitz University of Technology

Dana Cooper

President - Cooper Hayes LLC

Avner Ben-Bassatt

President & CEO - Plataine Inc.

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