12:00 Registration and Exhibits
12:55 Welcome and Opening Remarks
ACMA and NetComposites
Session 1: Materials
13:00 GRP and CFRP: Market Developments of Composites and Trends: The European GRP Market and the Worldwide CFRP Market
Elmar Witten, AVK
13:30 Nanocomposites: Graphene and Composite Materials
Terrance Barken, The Graphene Council
14:00 Biocomposites: Advances and Innovations in Biocomposites
14:30 Resins: Innovations in the Use of Fire, Smoke and Fume (FST) Compliant High Performance Composites in the Global Building and Construction Market
JP Schroeder, Scott Bader
15:00 Break and Exhibits
Session 2: Opportunities
15:30 Opportunities for the Composites Industry
16:45 Reception and Exhibits
09:00 Registration and Networking
09:25 Welcome
ACMA and NetComposites
Session 3: Recycling and Sustainability
09:30 Eco Impact Tool for the Composites Industry
Julie leroy, EUCIA
10:00 Sustainability is the Key Driver of Innovation Across Your Supply Chain
Dana Hays, Cooper Hays
10:30 Developing a Robust and Scalable Composite Recycling Methodology
11:00 Break and Exhibits
Session 4: Manufacturing and Automation
11:30 Affordable and Predictable Composites - Yes, it is Possible!
Roger Assaker, e-Xstream Engineering
12:00 Digital Assistant and AI in the Service of Industrial IoT for Advanced Manufacturing Optimisation
Avner Ben-Bassat, Plataine
Session 5: Automotive Sector Focus
12:30 Panel Session:Bringing Autonomous Vehicles Into Production: An Automotive OEM Perspective
Dan Coughlin, ACMA, Roger Assaker, e-Xstream Engineering, Fabio Bressan, Solvay, Gunther Glade, Solvay
13:30 Lunch and Exhibits
Session 6: Aerospace Sector Focus
14:30 Panel Session:Advanced Materials, Destination Sky
Session 7: Construction and Infrastructure Sector Focus
15:30 CFR Concrete Shells with Integrated Functions
Sandra Gelbrich, Chemnitz
16:00 Break and Exhibits
Session 8: The Future
16:30 Marketing and Branding Composites: The Challenge
Gemma Smith, NetComposites and ACMA
17:00 Closing Remarks
NetComposites and ACMA