14:50 Thursday 1st February 2018

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete Shells with Integrated Functions

The presentation includes the development and technological implementation of carbon-fiber reinforced concrete (CRC) shells with integrated functions, such as illumination and light control. In that regard the establishment of material, structural and technological foundations along the entire value chain is of central importance: From the light-weight design idea to the technological implementation for the transfer of the research results into practice. The development of the material included the requirement-oriented composition of a high-strength fine grained concrete with an integrated carbon knitted fabrics for reinforcement. The form finding of the carbon fiber concrete shells is based on an optimization of the distribution of stress using the tensile triangles according to Claus Mattheck, and is resulting in a harmonious stress flow in radius transitions. The thin-walled CRC-shells were manufactured with a formwork made of glass-fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP). An advantage of the GFRP-formwork is the freedom of design concerning the shape. Moreover, an excellent concrete quality can be achieved. After the production the new research pavilion, consists of four connected CRC-lightweight-shells, was installed on the campus of Chemnitz University of Technology. The developed thin-walled CRC-shells are distinguished by their high resistance to weathering influences (durability), high surface quality and high load-bearing capacity. With regard to its free formability, this type of construction is particularly suitable for filigree, lightweight buildings. The additional integration of an interactive lighting function allows to further exploit the potential of the new textile-based construction in terms of functionalization.

Sandra Gelbrich, Chemnitz University of Technology