13:15 Wednesday 31st January 2018

Market Developments of Composites and Trends: The European GRP Market and the Worldwide CFRP Market

GRP: Glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) form approx. 95% of all composites that are manufactured. This makes them by far the biggest market segment. Europe’s GRP production volume has been rising steadily by over 2% yearly and has reached nearly 1.4 million tonnes in 2017. The most important applications for the use of GRP in Europe are transport and construction, each with about one third of the total volume. In Germany and the eastern European countries under review growth continues to be slightly above average, although slight growth rates can also be observed in all the other countries that have been reviewed. Moreover, compared with most thermosetting materials, growth is still stronger in the thermoplastic materials considered here (i.e. LFT and GMT). This is accompanied by a generally dynamic development of the relatively large thermoplastic sector (including short fibre reinforced thermoplastics). Above-average growth potential in the composites industry can be observed above all for highly industrialised serial processes, though also for niche applications and innovations as well as for solutions in combination with other materials (i.e. hybrid solutions). CFRP: In summary, the year 2016 consisted of a global demand for carbon fibre composites of approx. 126,7k tons, whereby an overall turnover of US $19,31 billion was generated. Compared to the previous year (116,5k tons; US $17,9 billion), a growth of around 8,76% based on the demand volume and around 7,88% based on the turnover can be observed.

Elmar Witten, AVK