16:05 Wednesday 31st January 2018

Sustainability is the Key Driver of Innovation Across Your Value Chain

The presentation will discuss the growing enthusiasm for sustainability within the business, across the value chain and metric reporting. We will link business values and sustainable work projects, how to challenge your workforce to engage in business innovation training and develop innovation programs that are aligned with business sustainability improvement. The examples will provide global evidence of how sustainability pays for all stakeholders. Sustainability and Innovation are both important and critical issues for organizations. Based on surveys and interviews Sustainable Development (SD) is driving business innovation and will continue to do so for the next decade. We will show techniques and new tools for prioritization and aligning your quality tools to drive innovation across the value chain. Creating a culture which includes change management techniques allows individuals to create change. Continuing education is key for gaining innovative ideas from the viewed constraints with suppliers and customers. Engaging all stakeholders allows for ideation excellence. Sustainable-Driven Innovators in your industry will outperform financially.

Dana Cooper, Cooper Hayes LLC